A Community of Faith, Hope and Love.

 At Central it is our desire and goal to be a community that embodies the faith, hope, and love that Jesus Christ exemplified and that we read about so often in the Bible. While a church can be involved in many activities and ministries our focus here is to Magnify Jesus in our worship, Make followers of Jesus through our relationships, and Multiply believers by proclaiming the Good News of salvation from sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

It is our belief that these goals can be accomplished by reaching out to others

Across the Aisle

Across the Street

Across the Globe

It is in Jesus Christ alone, through the power of his Holy Spirit, that any one of us can be forgiven, redeemed, healed, and set free from the sin, failures, and pain of life. It is our firm belief that you can experience all of this by coming into a relationship with Jesus and knowing the joy that he alone can bring.

We are affiliated with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada; believing, affirming, and teaching it's fundamental beliefs.