A Unique Unity

Central is very grateful to God for its unique history. It is a story of two churches coming together to serve and impact their surrounding community as one, and Central remains faithful to its history to this day.

Salem Pentecostal Church

In 1929, five Christian ladies began earnestly praying for God's impact within the communities of Elora & Salem. In 1930, a young Reverend asked one of these ladies about a building that might be used to hold gospel services. Over the next few years services were held in local halls and houses until 1934 when the congregation's first building was built. The only accessible vacant piece of ground on the road between Elora and Salem was purchased and the church building was erected.

Fergus Pentecostal Tabernacle

Prior to the church in Fergus there were cottage prayer meetings and tent meetings in the area, and the people attended Salem church after it opened.  In January 1940 a building fund was introduced by Rev. L.W. Smith to build a Pentecostal church in Fergus for the people living there.  On Thanksgiving Day 1941 excavating for a church building began on St. David Street, Highway 6, just inside the Corporation of Fergus, and on March 29th, 1942 the church held its first Sunday service.

Central Pentecostal Church

In 1976, the two churches began the process of amalgamation.  After years of community and church growth the decision was made to join together to more effectively serve the surrounding three communities.  Finding land nearly on the eastern border of Elora, southern border of Salem, and western border of Fergus, the building was constructed on 4 acres at 7674 Colborne Street, Elora. The combined churches took on the new and fitting name of Central Pentecostal Church, opened the doors in 1978, and have been blessed with growth and strength since.

Over the years two additions were added to the church building. The first one was a gym, youth room, and classrooms. The second addition included major sanctuary renovations and the extension of the Chamberlain Hall with additional classrooms.

In 2007 the adjacent property of approximately 20 acres was purchased to prepare for future expansion. Currently 13 acres is cultivated by farmers in the church for a Canadian Foodgrains Bank project.